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Find the old news in this section. The site has been around for a while, but the old news from the old site will not be made available here. You'll find the news that has been up on this new site though.


13 Aug 2005 - The Quarashi Pad is back up
Chad's The Quarashi Pad is back online. The site now focus on audio and video, and some unreleased and live material can be found there. I have also cleaned up my links section and have taken away links that no longer works. | Markus

8 Aug 2005 - Time has changed
Well during the last year or so this site has pretty much fallen apart content-wise. The old stuff are of course there but not much new has been added. This site has been running for almost three and a half year now and back in the days this site was pretty much the only place on Internet where news were posted regarding Quarashi. Time has changed however, and Quarashi now have their own blog where they post news as they come. There is no way that I can be faster than the source, obviously. So in order to change a bit around here I have decided to change the news section. News previously were posted once something happened with Quarashi, you could say that it was a bit formal so to speak. Now I've decided to skip that, and instead just put whatever I like in the news section (of course all of it will be related to Quarashi in some way). You could maybe compare it a bit to a blog if you like. Texts might become longer (like this one), and site updates will be psoted directly in the news instead of keeping them seperated. Hopefully this will mean more news and a bit more activity on the site. Interesting things that happens on the forums might be reflected on, or I might just tell you all about my latest find on eBay. Stay tuned... | Markus

8 Aug 2005 - Forums up again
Well the forums have been up for a while but the address has been changed. You could now find it here: [Forums] | Markus

8 Aug 2005 - Quarashi breaking up?
Rumours says that Quarashi will be breaking up. According to a post in the forums Sölvi has been saying to the newspaper Fréttablaðið that it isn't fun anymore and that the members will be going their own seperate ways. It would be sad news indeed, more info to come. | Markus

8 Aug 2005 - The end
The end for Quarashi has come. After many successful years, the band has now split up. Sölvi said: "every band has to quit sometime, and this now is our time to quit". It is indeed a sad day for Quarashi fans. If any of the members are about to go solo or not is not known, but it is probable that we will see the members turn up in various music later on. | Markus


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