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11 Feb 2005 - Tracklist and artwork
We have now got some more information regarding the upcoming Japanese release of Guerilla Disco. The tracklist along with the artwork can be seen here. 27 000 cd's are already pre-ordered according to the official blogg. Oh and for those who doesn't know what "Kintarou" is, you might want to check this out. Also read more about it on the forums. | Markus

3 Feb 2005 - More news on the Japanese release
According to the official blogg, there will be 3 bonus tracks on the Japanese release. These are "Race City", "Stars (Hermigervil remix)" and "Stun Gun (Mattocks remix)". However, it is probable that 1 or 2 songs from the Icelandic release will not end up on the Japanese version. | Markus


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