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Find the old news in this section. The site has been around for a while, but the old news from the old site will not be made available here. You'll find the news that has been up on this new site though.


19 Nov 2003 - Pictures from the video shoot
You could now see some pictures from the video shoot for Race City. The video will be aired for the first time on monday in Iceland. For now, you can enjoy the pictures in the newly opened Photo Gallery | Markus

19 Nov 2003 - How Quarashi found Tiny
You wonder how Tiny actually joined Quarashi? Well it was basically because of the song called "Straight Execution". Quarashi got impressed by the quality Tiny shows on this track and you all know the rest of the story. You now can listen to the track here. You'll need Real Player. | Markus

16 Nov 2003 - Listen to Race City!
You now have the chance to listen to and download the new track "Race City". You find it here. Much joy. | Markus

16 Nov 2003 - Tiny joins Quarashi as full member!
Quarashi are happy to announce that Tiny has been recruited as a full member of Quarashi. Tiny has been working with the band over the last few months and his involvement has been impressing on the boys. Tiny┬┤s first release with Quarashi is Race City which was released in Iceland last Thursday. So the line-up is now clear with Tiny joining Solvi, Stoney and Omar as Quarashi and the band is now fully loaded for world domination. | Quarashi

16 Nov 2003 - New track from Quarashi released in Iceland!
Race City is a new track from Quarashi released in Iceland last Thursday. This is the first track where Tiny appears in. The video will be launched next Thursday on PoppTivi in Iceland. The video is probably going to shock some people since its a bit brutal to say the least... | Quarashi

16 Nov 2003 - New site opened!
Well, welcome to the new site. This is just a basic site right now and is not containing much information at the moment. I had to release this site today due to me moving and changing ISP. I hope you can cope with the advertisings.
Well all I can say is welcome! | Markus


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