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27 Oct 2004 - Amplified remix!
Here is an exclusive for all you fans out there. Cypress Hill's album "Stoned Raiders" featured a track called "Amplified", but what is less known is that Quarashi did a remix of this track. This remix was never released but lucky for you, this track is now available here. Get it while you can, because it will not be available that long. Enjoy! [Not downloadable anymore] | Markus

23 Oct 2004 - World Wide Quarashi Forums
A collaboration between this site, The Quarashi Vibe and The Quarashi Pad ended up in new forums where fans can gather and discuss. We once had official forums which was quite a success, now it's time to bring those good old days back. To the forums. | Markus

23 Oct 2004 - Steini goes solo
According to The Quarashi Vibe, Steini is working on releasing his own music. "Chill electro" is what Steini likes to call the music and he will go by the name of "ca.1.". The music contains some upbeat songs and Steini also sings more than he usually do in Quarashi. | Markus

22 Oct 2004 - Guerilla Disco on
The new album "Guerilla Disco" is now available to buy from | Markus

20 Oct 2004 - Crazy Bastard video premiere
The collaboration between Quarashi and the guys from the Icelandic TV-show 70 minutes ended up in a video which will be shown for the first time on Icelandic Pop TV at 10 PM tomorrow. The song is called "Crazy Bastard". Be sure to check it out if you have the opportunity. | Markus

20 Oct 2004 - Iceland Airwaves 2004
The festival Iceland Airwaves kicks off today, but the Quarashi fans have to wait a few days to see the guys. Quarashi will play at Nasa at 23:15 on saturday the 23rd. Trabant and Gus Gus is other bands that will play at the same evening at the same venue as Quarashi. Loads of other interesting bands will also play during the festival. More info here. | Markus

19 Oct 2004 - New design
There is a new design for the site to go along with the cover art for the new album "Guerilla Disco". Feel free to comment on the design in the guestbook. | Markus

17 Oct 2004 - Rumour-bashing
There has been a lot of rumours lately. Sölvi was hooked up for an interview to clarify some things. And of course he answers some questions about the new album as well. Check out the interview here. | Markus

14 Oct 2004 - Guerilla Disco is out!
The new album "Guerilla Disco" was released yesterday and the guys had an in store performance at Skifan. More information on the album will come up soon. | Markus

7 Oct 2004 - Stars and Payback out now!
The two new tracks named Stars and Payback are now available at | Markus


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