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Misc. Information
Stick 'Em Up was the first single from Jinx and was the song that made Quarashi known for the broad public, especially in the United States. The track featured in the movie Orange County and has also been used for many shows and various TV-series. Stick 'Em Up was also on the Xeneizes album in a different version. Changes from the original Xeneizes version include Ómar rapping instead of Steini and lyrical changes.

Jack the Ripper - A famous serial killer who killed prostitutes in the end of the 19th century.
Darth Vader - A Jedi consumed by the dark side in the Star Wars movies.
Mussolini - The fascist Italian leader during World War II.
Godzilla - A movie monster, originating from Japan. One of Ómar's passions.

The video for Stick 'Em Up featured Hössi in a boxing match against a bit bigger guy. The video was highly influenced by the movie Scratch.

1999 - Album version on Xeneizes
2002 - Album version on Jinx


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