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The beat used in Mr.Jinx was first used by Quarashi in the instrumental "Herra Jinx". Then "Loud!" was made 1998 with Hössi and Steini rapping over the beat. On Jinx the song was perfected and the result became Mr.Jinx, Quarashi's second single from Jinx.

Mr. Jinx - The word "Jinx" means the one that brings unluck. So Mr. Jinx is the guy who brings all the unluck.
Wooster and Jeeves - A popular British television comedy.

"Sanity" performed by New York City. The same sample was used by Dilated Peoples in "Proper Propaganda". Quarashi was first with using it though.

The video for Mr.Jinx was influenced by the German movie "Lola Rennt". Hössi is running to get to a Quarashi performance but something happens everytime that stops him and he find himself starting all over.

1997 - Herra Jinx
1998 - Loud!
2002 - Album version on Jinx


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