Interview with Sölvi Blöndal

This interview was conducted with Sölvi Blöndal through e-mail March 22, 2003.

First of all I have to say congratulations for all the awards you have won in Iceland.
takk so mykket.
thank you.

It has been about a year since Jinx came out and you went touring all over the world. What has been your biggest experience during this time?
Going to Japan was probably the most mind-blowing experience I have been through. Having said that I would like to say that our smaller concerts in Montana and Minneapolis were also really great. We had a surprisingly large following in Montana, that was a pleasant surprise actually.

What are the hugest sacrifice you have been forced to make because of all the touring and promotion?
We had to sit on our album for more than a year after we finished it. Due to label complications which delayed the release, Jinx wasn't released until spring 2002. We finished Jinx by the end of the year 2000. This delay had a bad impact on everyone.

So you are working on a new album, right? How does it go?
Yes we are working on an new album right now. It's taking a long time. The reason for that is that I am trying to invent a new sound for the band and that is not done overnight. However it's an exiting process which will result in even more interesting music.

What can the fans expect from this new album?
A lot of funky feedback.

Will the style introduced in Jinx remain the same in this new album?
No. However I am still writing the tracks so there will doubtless be some similarities.

Have the fact that Hössi dropped out changed the process of creating music and/or the musicstyle?

Will we get to hear more rapping from Omar and Steini this time?
Swarez is going to have some Justin Timberlake dance steps now, and Stoney is going to sing more.

Is it more likely for you to bring in guests on this new album?

What do you do when you're not in the studio? Any particular hobbies or such?
Snowboarding and drinking :)

Do you have any other plans for the future?
I am working on several projects now, time will only tell which project will have a life in the future. I plan one day at a time.

And finally, what all fans want to know, when do you think the new album will be out?
I would like to see this album being released in the spring 2004.


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