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Quarashi MusicTiny '1025 Apr 2010
TQS InterviewSölvi Blöndal '0417 Oct 2004
TQS InterviewSölvi Blöndal '0322 Mar 2003
Music-reviewer.comOmar Swarez '02 1 Oct 2002
TQS InterviewSölvi Blöndal '0225 May 2002
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SynthesisOmar Swarez '02N/A


The Sydney Morning HeraldConcert review26 Aug 2002
The Sydney Morning Herald"Ice Kings" 9 Aug 2002"Quarashi rapping in Icelandic"19 Jun 2002
The Compass"Quarashi releases CD in U.S."26 Apr 2002"More Ramones, Less Bizkit..."25 Apr 2002
MSU Reporter"Quarashi a recycled act" 9 Apr 2002
Rock Publication"Blast's through San Francisco"N/A


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