This should be a guide for those people who are collecting or plan to start collecting Quarashi items. I will try to tell you where to look and what is out there.

Useful tips
To start collecting the first thing you need to know are what items that are out there. You need to gather information about what records etc. that exists. I would suggest writing down a list of those items that you are interested in before you start searching. I would also suggest that you grade the items and think about which items you want the most. To get an idea of what is out there check out the discography where I have listed all releases that I know about.

Remember that often things could cost more then they really are worth. Sometimes you see things on e-bay for $20 and then the next week you see it for $5. This is when you use that knowledge you gotten through gathering information and also use your common sense. To pay $20 for a US printed copy of Jinx is for example way expensive. To pay $20 for a original copy of the first album is perhaps another matter.

Where to look?
Quarashi is a pretty new band and if you're not living in Iceland it could be hard getting the first releases that only were sold in Iceland. Therefore you can't really find any rarities in different record stores except perhaps on Iceland. So collectors will have to turn to something else and this is when Internet is really useful. Here you have many on-line record stores where you could find releases from different countries like Japan and Australia. But the best place to find rare Quarashi items would be e-bay. It could take a while to get used to e-bay but when you have done that you could find many items that you can't find anywhere else. But here is really important that you think about the price and really read through the whole item description so that you really get what you want. Also read carefully about the payment instructions and the shipping & handling costs.


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