Tambourine Cut

Red = Steini's vocals
Green = Hössi's vocals

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Treating me good is like pulling, pulling out my tooth … be slippin', love is not a food. It's all coming back to slack, sleeping all day, my back's about to crack.

I'm in the air, I'm on the ground, I may be all around. Just like the ? ? it's what I'm all about. This is the sound, this is the thought, what again what again is what I brought.

I lost this girl I swear, the most beautiful thing I ever could wear. Kept me warm and cozy, but I had to kick her out when she got too nosey.

"Yeah, it's gonna be well wicked"

A very soft … they long for wisdom. A taste of peace so the rhyme is a treasure measure. I bet the time isn't over or out of my sight. This is the ugly thing, it's such a beast in sight.

It seems so long ago, but then again, my life has gone backward since I was ten. Stepped in spiders, bugs, and flies. I've got a great interest for all that jives. I've got a great interest for all that jives. I've got a great interest for all that jives.

"Yeah, it's gonna be well wicked"

I'm mute to silence to where it's on. I get the hairy thing your body keepin' on the straw. I like it lazy not too crazy. Baby get loosened. I want to know what you think so I know what I'm choosing. I like those things that keep me up. Getting striked all night by the tambourine cut. It's who I am, a futuristic harlequin. An animal on lead unable to sing.

When I'm in. x9


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