Red = Steini's vocals
Green = Hössi's vocals
Blue = Omar's vocals

I never come back 'cause I'm on the back track. I'm making moves go left and right I do it like this that. That I will stall until I feel I must be coming but I'm going in your house and I'm fooling just like I fucked ya. Superwoman is my lady so I've got to let her know that I drink enough so I never thought to. Super T, you see, I know the people of the earth but you're so small, I'll never be. But you can't, I do the wham, bam, thank you ma'am. I'm living my share taking lair to the top. And that too so the rest of the groove to the hammer. I meet the people that I love. Some a day I'll meet them again. In the earth and in the harbor and over there. It really doesn't matter for me.

"I am superwoman"

And you don't stop. x2

Well it's the older, the high cool foes at the under. I'm deadly, this string is like a knee except it's under. Haha. And I'm phony like the joker. I dream of takin' your ass with my redna, duke ya. 'Cause I'm gonna do ya just like the wool you dropped drive your fat ass suckers can't buy with a bribe. A razor, tazor, a razor, I'll slice through with my lightsaber, ah. I'm a jedi knight though on the dark side. Put you suckers down and put that suspects on a homicide mission. A battle land cruisin'. Dun na dun na da but don't fuck with my ascension.

Well I've got my pace and flow you fucking pay attention. I've got my love and I'm having a ball but that's not all. I had a call. So I say to heavenly dudes, suckers you keep the blue side. Talking about all about what it's all about. Is the crowd allowed to rock the beat. When I didn't have to see to listen. I listen to my voice, it was a free choice. Speaking again, comin' down, goin' ahead of myself and those around, it's the sound. Now I've got my name for my MC fame, too late and I don't like polka. But the thing to jump and inflate the mind. Fuck me up and I'm dynamite.

I gots to be, You don't. I gots to be, You don't stop. x4


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