Show Me What You Can

Red = Steini's vocals
Green = Hössi's vocals

This is it, listen up you punks we got something to say bitch. Myself, I kill the prey, I'm giving it all away. Bone the farrow, for the show…primal scream. What's it like to be white in the fight of the light. This is your mission, frustrated, outdated. I'm never going to be it; I'm never going to get it. Images of you that you knew, no matter it's a clue. Romeo but give me a bone lose the throw, if the kid is a crime. Son of a pill, jump through the jive, pick me up I've been in the line. Bam! Bam! In your face, in your ear. The decision is clear that you're here. Believed I'm human, at least I'm a man. And show me, show me what you can.

Show me what you can (yes, yes y'all, that's right y'all). Show me what you can (c'mon y'all, c'mon). Show me what you can (yes, yes y'all, that's right y'all). Show me what you can.

What I do when I'm done when the land is over. Now I got done everything for one another. When I'm underground, walk around with the sound. It's in my air, when I walk around then I feel clear. And when I get to do the favorites of the town. This is the miracle, I take it all around. And I don't want to take it when my name is going under, 'cause I've got the power, comes to a thunder.

We'll be stuck on the top, they hate to pick us up. We like to fuck it no time to align the line to rhyme. Tick tock tock tick it and stick your prick. I'm your heart thumping headache. Beating on your head, Beating and beating until you’re dead. The clock on the wall, timing you all. Why can't I, can't I, can't fuck no more.

<Chorus> x2


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