The Next Movie

Red = Steini's vocals
Green = Hössi's vocals

I'm about to say 'cause it's far too long. Who will set the stage for my barricade. Break You.

My safeness goes far beyond. This turns inward like James Bond. I fall when I do my thing in the ring. I do the salvation to turn upon the king. Once you're going down, I do the tick. Think about your life or else you gon' be sick. My kindness goes around all about. Our salvation is okay no doubt. The lack of meat repeats a man to the can. I got my own name from the life of another man. But I will, I do my side at one. I learned that without there will be another sun. So are the elves that make me wanna chew. I saw I couldn't stop or else I can't send you two. Now I've got the munchies, alot of cheese. Not without the maple, I'll never freeze.

It's not the beats, it's not for the freaks. And so you haveta chill me mom we do the funky wheat. While we're down the party just stopped. Cause we're the rest of the spot from the top. We don't care to stay until your hand's gray. You know what I'm talking about you boy scout. We've got the miracle shit that's what it's all about. I'd rather rock cause I'm in cause. I chill, I chill like a ch-ch-charm. Then the 5-0 came through my joint took my big bomb. And to the girls in the house. I want you to shake your booty. Cause of the rest of the humans. I kinda, I kinda I kinda, I kinda...

Okay I feel the right time and I'ma change. I'm in the zone full of people that I know. And I don't like that, I want to be my on my own. And on the way, I guess I need a zone. Green is color that I'd like to take a bite. But if you don't I thought of me, I take a hike. And in the way to the end of the road. I wasn't sure that total lead to go. And now you know that I go for the chill. Without my will I do that I will until. I go into the house that I've paid from the louse. And I don't lie so I match what I've found. So now I've gotta go, myself all around. Peace.


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