Red = Steini's vocals
Green = Hössi's vocals

Woo. I get up and I tripped up but let me back in. I crick and I crack and that's how it begins. A state of chaos is what made us. I'm just another joke like the loss of our sun. It's the rhythm of the boss y'know what made the boss but not on in this world long gone. But is there way out, have we got the doubt? The urge is to feel and to feel out loud.

I said relax you're back in style. I told you it's so loud. I threw my file in my loud out but little patch ya'll. We have to go down and look around us. Are we going nowhere? In this time out we ought to stand it. We have to find the solution to cast all the bad things, but I trust myself. I've never had this but now I want to know. I'm free in my homestead so that's in ria.

And I can feel 'em creep, and I feel 'em crawl. The truth is beginning to sound about to come. What is the matter? It's gonna get better and my whole life is whole page letter. You can't forget and you can't forgive. You won't let me die so why won't you let me live. It's not my fault, I don't make my own fate. I create without a break that's how I'm made.


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