Mr. Amber Shades

Green = Hössi's vocals
Red = Steini's vocals

All of the high I tried to get. Just listen to these cuts is making me sick. x4

The accident sound logged on to be a fake. Then doom and zoom and zoom when I drive into a lake. I do whatcha do when you ever run and say. Don't rub the feet of bottom when you hide behind your face. The way you take it off will never speak itself. And I don't like that so I'm free to back it up myself. I jump the fever cause you cannot leave it all day. But I know because the people like to way-lay. So I'm on my way to see the federation. So we cannot make & morph an innovation. To the people that we don't care so much about. And then the Well-seers are going, going down. And when it's on I will be not there. And I don't like that 'cause I'm going no joke. I've been all up and down without my fucking slide I know the people need the world to be my pad. I gotta go to the left, we gotta beat ya to the mine. And if you're gonna look, we gotta pick us down and find. That what'cha wanna wear, we gotta chance it. Every hour, every minute you deter our graves.

I had to break it down to the green the other day. I was driving in my car and I was on my way. I'm doing 180 when the car just stopped. And when I get out there definately was mud. Unless I see anyone working on the road. 'Cause I'm on a ramp but my shit won't go. The air was cold cause the sun had been sold. And then I was on and wherever you know. The onyx will rise, and the sun will quiz the tower. Minutes after minutes I can feel the power. But that was my dream, I'm walking with the stream. I'm telling myself it can't be what it seems. I need you to understand before I make it. 'Cause on the tower they am not only faking. But know I'm still young, I can't comprehend. They're right on the men, oh it's on them.

If I had a tower I would make it I would. The crystal is fragile, it makes no good. But every hour, you can stare at the sun. Victory is shown, my job is done. Keep up boy, you gotta get going. The people provide for a new wind blowing. You didn't get it right so the sacks got gold. It's ... and I want to know. Bring me the tape and we will watch it together. I rock the stage all dressed in leather. I'll knock you down and kick you in the face. And that's the funky way 'cause I'm a funky case.


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