14 Mar 2002 Austin, United States

Date: 14 Mar 2002
Country: United States
City: Austin
Venue: La Zona Rosa

Also performed:
Drive-By Truckers
Riddlin' Kids

1. Weirdo
2. Copycat
3. Switchstance
4. Malone Lives
5. Tarfur
6. Mr. Jinx
7. Stick 'Em Up
8. Fuck You Puto
9. Baseline

Additional info.: Written by Omar Swarez at Quarashi BBS March 17th, 2002 We just got in to LA today from Austin after one of the worst flights I've ever been on. Avoid Southwest airlines if you can. The trip to Austin was horror. We flew to London from Iceland because a sertain airline at home doesn't fly to the US as much as they did and when they do it costs a friggin fortune. We nearly missed the flight from London because of some ticket fuck up. We had to run to the gate to catch the damn flight. Then followed a eight hour flight to Chicaco, would have been hell if there hadn't been a selection of movies to kill time with. At Chicaco we missed the flight to Austin because we were booked on a flight that took off 40 minutes after we came in. We had to stay the night at a Hotel wich was a God send. Woke up at 5.30 the next morning to catch the next flight to Austin, which we cought and were able to get our asses over there. We were rushed to sound check and some interviews which you might catch on www.getmusic.com and www.rollingstone.com Then came the show. The show was held at La Zona Rosa, a great venue that had plenty of space to run around in. I was beat as a mo fo that night and couldn't bearly stand up and to top it off I was nervous as hell because we were going to play for a real crowd for the first time in the US so we didn't know what to espect. I really wanted to have a bovel movement before because of stress but I stayed strong. We got on stage and (if I say so myself) kicked ass. It was a great show, the crowd was terriffic and people were generaly happy with our stuff. I guess we surpriced alot people because they didn't know what to espect from us. After the show I just hauled ass over to the hotel and passed out, only to be awaken by a drunken Hossi fondling my ass, in a none gay way (if there is such a way)

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