Sölvi Blöndal

Full name: Sölvi Blöndal
Born: January 3rd 1975

Sölvi Blöndal is one of the founders of Quarashi. He is the producer, and also plays the drums at concerts. Sölvi has also played in bands such as "Púff", "Júpíters", "Ss span", "2001" and "Stjörnukisi". In the band "2001" he played with Gaukur and Hössi was the lead singer. Sölvi named "Fear of a black planet" by Public Enemy as the record that got him into what he is doing today.

Sölvi has a small record label called Lax Records, and Quarashi's first EP "Switchstance" was released through that label. As a producer Sölvi has been working with Icelandic artists such as Vinyl and Björgvin Halldórsson.


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