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1 Jul 2011 - Quarashi vs GusGus
Quarashi and their fellow Icelandic band GusGus have collaborated in time for the Quarashi "reunion" gig at the festival Besta Útihátíðin, where GusGus also will perform. Quarashi have done a remix of the song Arabian Horse, and GusGus have remixed Dive In. The remixes will be released as soon as 3000 people "like" it on facebook. Go here and help us getting it out! | Markus

1 Jul 2011 - The Vibe is back
For those of you that have missed it The Quarashi Vibe is back online, better than ever. Lots of nice material, like translations of Icelandic articles. Make sure to bookmark The Quarashi Vibe. | Markus

2 Jun 2011 - Stick 'Em Up Mexican Promo
It is interesting when releases that were missed back in the days pops up out of nowhere. Some months ago I managed to get my hands on a Stick 'Em Up promo released in Mexico. I guess it is no big deal for most people, but for me as a collector it was a really nice find. It is now added to the discography (sorry no pictures yet). | Markus

4 May 2011 - Quarashi returns for one gig
I got this press release with exiting news from the members of Quarashi:


Quarashi returns - for one gig only

Quarashi have agreed to perform a one off gig at a festival in Iceland early july this summer. The band will perform on the 9th of july at the Best Festival (Besta hátíðin). All formers members have agreed to return. The two core line-ups with Hössi and Tiny are set to collide for the first time on stage. The other three members; Sölvi Blöndal, Steini Fjeldsted and Ómar Swarez will all be back at their places.

This will be the first time that the band re-unites after their break up in 2005. The band sold 400 thousand copies world-wide during the eight years active. Moreover Quarashi reached four gold albums in Iceland but suddenly called it quits after their last effort, Guerilla Disco, went gold in Japan.

Quarashi saw their U.S. debut in 2002 with the album Jinx. Their biggest hit Stick 'Em Up is still being played throughout the world and was most recently used in two major Hollywood releases early this year.


Very exiting news for us Quarashi fans. More information regarding the concert will be posted here as soon as we know more about it. | Markus

24 Mar 2011 - Things moving along for Sölvi
Sölvi has been working on new stuff for about a year and a half, and he and his band is now ready to release the first song sometime in April with a video coming in May. They will then follow up this with some gigs in Stockholm. The band consists of Sölvi and a girl that handles the singing. The style can be described as something like electro rock. Be prepared! | Markus

23 Mar 2011 - New forum
There is a new Quarashi forum where you can discuss about Quarashi and related projects. Visit is at: | Markus


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